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Gate City Meal Program

Food Services During School Closure

National Heritage Academies (NHA) is committed to providing food to our school communities over the coming weeks to ensure students maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, even when they are away from our building. Our school leaders are working in collaboration with Preferred Meals, our food service provider, to continue serving families in our school community. Food distribution will be provided for families of enrolled students at the school, as well as all community members ages 0-18​.

Pick-up Information

Families are invited to pick up breakfast and lunch at Gate City Charter Academy, free of charge. Please see the outlined information below for further information.

  • Contact your school leader for specifics on the food pick up location on the school’s campus.

  • Families may pick up meals from our school between 9 a.m. - 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, while supplies last. Please know, we will provide food for weekend days at that time.

We are able to offer up to two meals per day for every child in our school community and can provide for up to three days of meals at one time. Additionally, families may pick up meals during one initial stop at the school. They are not required to come back for each meal service. Families will be allowed to pick up items and take them home for student consumption. Students do not need to be present in order for parents to receive their child(s) meals. Families are not allowed to enter the school building beyond the main lobby.


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